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Digital Images

A beautiful example of one of our photos containing a round barn.

Over the past five years, we’ve helped thousands of people recover important pieces of their family history through our massive collection of historic aerial photographs. These photographs, once identified, have been preserved digitally and made available as archival-quality prints. As we’ve always said, our prints are family heirlooms the day they arrive.

Find Your Historic Aerial Photograph

Steps for Searching Our Collection

Here at Vintage Aerial, we receive hundreds of requests each day to find historic photos of family farms and rural homes. It is our desire to offer the highest quality of service on those requests, therefore it’s important to understand exactly how our process works.

We currently have an archive of over 25 million photographs. Digitizing, mapping, and indexing this collection is a momentous challenge. We insist on the utmost care at each stage of the process, to insure that each irreplaceable photograph is captured and preserved as perfectly as possible. This process is a work in progress.

To insure that you find the photo you are looking for, we offer the services of our Vintage Aerial Librarians. Our Librarians are experts at taking your information, searching our collection, and presenting you with a small pool of relevant photos.

Unforgettable Gifts for the Upcoming Holidays

We often receive stories from our customers when they give one of our photographs as a gift. Every story seems to focus on how the recipient reacted when they saw the photograph. Here’s a great example of what I mean:

“When Dad opened that box, the expression on his face was amazing. Here was a big, rough and tough farm boy, staring at it with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t thank us enough. Later, we asked Mom if she thought he liked it. She said “He only took it in and out of the box about 10 times!” We cannot thank you enough for helping to make this great man’s difficult year much more special!"

Browsable Archive Now Active in Texas

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made 52 counties in Texas available for free interactive browsing. That’s an incredible 389,785 photographs! All you need to do is type in a current address and our system will locate photos near that location. (Links are provided at the bottom of this post.)

This technology is still under development and we’re looking for suggestions on how to improve the way everything works and feels. Please email any ideas or thoughts to

A Message From Our President


We at Vintage Aerial are deeply grateful for your interest in our site and your participation in the excitement that surrounds our archive of historical photographs. Your engagement with the community that has built up around our photos has helped confirm for us the immense value of what we’ve begun building.

Our company is small – it is owned and operated by a small group of amateur historians and programmers who’ve invested their time and money in a shared vision of the company and what it can become. In a very short time (little more than one year), we’ve scanned more than 3 million photos and have developed our own technology that seamlessly ties each photo to its unique location so they can be found by address, intersection, or coordinates. This technology makes it much easier for you to find, so they’re readily available online to people like you, who want to look at them, share them, and talk about them. As large as that accomplishment is, it reflects only about 1/8th of the photos in our film archive, so we have lots more to do.

Follow @VintageStories

Take a look at the new Twitter account, @VintageStories. Follow this account to be updated as new customers leave their family memories on our site! (For other ways to find us on the web check out our Facebook & Twitter pages.)

Holiday Promotion Announced!

Check out our Holiday Promotion! Click “Discover your photos” above to get started!

Upcoming Features: Search Photos via Online-map technologies

We are aware many visitors expect to see photos immediately on our site, but up to now, we haven’t been able to create the right set of tools to explore the collection. The sheer size and analog format of the collection present unique challenges, but strides in digital imaging technology, data storage, GIS (geographic information systems), and tools we’ve been developing have made it possible to simply enter an address and quickly find a single photo from perhaps 50 years ago….(continued below)

Company Update

In January, we officially opened our doors as Vintage Aerial. Since then, we’ve been working hard to fulfill the vision of helping people preserve their family history through our collection of over 25 million aerial photos of rural America.

Christmas Delivery

The holidays are fast approaching and the shopping chaos has already begun in many places. We all work hard to make this a special time of the year for our families, but sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything.