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Dallas County, Iowa, 1985. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

I had always enjoyed the TV show "If Walls Could Talk." It is a show where people find interesting artifacts in their home, or interesting historical details. When I bought my farm 2 years ago, I was disappointed that the attic didn't have any hidden treasures. But I began hearing about a "large sign" that was significant in that it was used for the National Plowing Contest in 1948, and President Truman gave a famous speech while standing in front of it. The speech he gave was considered to be a catalyst for his presidential win in 1948. It turns out that the historical sign was found when a cattle shed was torn down on my farm, before I purchased it. The aerial photo is the only known photo of the cattle shed as far as I know. The historical sign is now in a museum in Dexter, IA. While the walls didn't talk, apparently the roof did.

—Bill Brunia - Dexter, IA

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