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For 40 years this was a Rients farm.

Albert Rients bought this 160 acre farm in 1918 for $200 an acre. An old granary and chicken house were replaced in 1930 and the farmhouse was remodeled in 1936. A basement was dug by hand and a cistern with a hand pump in the kitchen were added at this time. Electricity came to the farm in 1936, this bought many changes. The pump house being one of these, it housed the electric water pump which delivered water to the farm building. In 1941 the silo was put up. In 1945 an old barn was torn down and this large barn was built. It housed their horses and had stanchions for milking cows and a large hay mow to store the hay. The cap was put on the silo in 1946. The garage was built in the 1950's and the cattle barn in 1960's to replace old ones the were taken down.

Arnold Rients is in the garage/shop and he is working on the tailgate of a wagon. The family car, a new 1969 green Mercury by the garage and his 2 tractors can be seen in the granary and it's lean-to. The farm house was repainted in 1968 and the ladders can be seen by the house. Housewife Mae Rients had a large garden which is beside the driveway, and the garden tiller is in this garden.

The season is fall, noted by the corn field back of the grove and wagons with corn on them in the yard.

Arnold Rients, son of Albert Rients, was on this farm from 1958 till 1987 when he retired and the farm was bought by John Post, thus ending the 40 years of Rients' on this farm.

—Janell Leopold

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