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Jackson County, Iowa, 1973. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

As far as some of the Farm's history. We know that it was a Wicker Farm that was passed down the generations until all the Wicker's had passed. The property had been sitting unihabitated and unused for over 15 years before we came to rescue it. When we bought it in 2005, the house had one room upstairs that had nails sticking out all over the walls. We assume this was where they dried their own seed corn. The barn was very large. I believe it had 16 horse stalls. We found an antique horse drawn stump puller in the hay loft in which we donated to the Jackson County Historical Society. We torn down the barn and saved all of it's beams. They were sold to a builder in South Carolina and are hopefully now a beautiful feature to someone's timber frame house.

—Melissa Wood

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