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Jackson County, Ohio, 1978. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

This photo is a gift for my mother. This is where she grew up. As Paul and I were searching through all the photographs of the surrounding area, my childhood was coming back to me. Driving through the hills and valleys to get to Grandma's house with mom & dad. Then all of a sudden, " THERE IT WAS ". I got chills when I saw it. I was remembering all of the times I spent the night in that house, and playing around the farm with the other kids. Grandma would always get up very early to do the chores, and when she got us up, there would be the best home cooked breakfast you could ever eat. The flapjacks, the homemade bread, the sausage and bacon that came from the hog they butchered, and the real butter that grandma churned herself. I really miss those times in my life, but I will always have the memories. Thanks to Paul and Vintage Aerial, I can look at this photo for years to come and enjoy all the great memories that go along with it. Thanks again Paul for all of your time and patience.

—Donald Hutchinson

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