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This is "Homestead Farm", a family farm and registered Angus herd that was established in 1910. 100 years ago Joe Huseman began raising Purebred Angus cattle, and a family, on this farm near Cedar Lake, Indiana. Joe's goal was to provide a living for his family and to raise his children to appreciate nature and their fellow man. This goal lent itself well to the cattle business. Joe's herd of cattle became widely known as a source of quality seed stock, and as a source of excellent tasting beef. Over the years Homestead Farm's cattle have won many awards. The most noteworthy accomplishment, however, is the herd's longevity. In a time when businesses of all kinds seem to come and go with the weather, a family farm that has been sustained for over 100 years is a testament to the commitment and attitude handed down through the Huseman family.

We feel that whether a farm has been owned by a family for 100 years or 5 years, there still has to be a lot of history associated with it. The day to day struggles, and joys, of living on a farm seem to all come rushing back when one sees a photo of the place from years gone by. It is not that your photos actually tell a story. What they do is bring many, many stories back from the recesses of our memories. It seems that each time one walks by the photo another specific memory emerges.

—Chuck Huseman

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Rosanne Reusze

Enjoyed some of your family history. Would love to read more.

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