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Sac County, Iowa, 1975. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

This picture was taken in 1975 when I was 22 years old. My dad in previous years raised cattle and milked cows so our barn was big. It was later downsized for reasons I'm not sure but i just know that we no longer had cattle but we started raising more hogs. We also had chickens . Dad would buy a bunch of baby chicks and some were kept for laying eggs and some unfortunately for them were butchered and i remember dad chopping the roosters head off with an axe and throwing them over a fence and watch them helplessly jump around headless.As a kid I did not like seeing that. Of course those were different days with good memories and in a few years after this picture was taken the farm was about to take on a different look. The old machine shed would about ready to give way to a much bigger morton machine shed that I would build,and a small farrowing house would soon be build east of the barn. Things were changing but the memories of the place in which i grew up and still live today will always be there! This picture indeed rekindles those memories! Thank you for finding it for me!!

—Don Nieland

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