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Woodford County, Illinois, 1966. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

Kind of a long story, but I do love the picture. The reason I had ordered it was for my dads birthday on September 15th. I was very excited and could not wait to show him and talk to him about it, so I gave it to him about 3 weeks ago. He really loved it and I even saw a couple tears in his eyes. He hung it up right away near his front door for everyone to see it. Now for the long part, two weeks ago my dad was in a bad accident and spent 9 days in the hospital before passing away. I know he was really happy about the photo and makes me happy I did not wait for his birthday. I really want to thank you for helping me make my pops happy. The photo will hang there for years to come and a great memory for me. Thank you, Tony


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