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My grandfather became owner of this farm in 1891. I believe it belonged to his father prior to that. My father was born on the farm and lived there until his retirement from farming in 1973, at which time he moved to town and the farm was sold to a neighbor. My father owned this 80-acre farm in addition to another 40 acres a quarter mile east of here. My parents raised 4 daughters on this farm and we attended the same rural one-room school a quarter mile down the road which my father had also attended. We got electricity in 1950 and indoor plumbing a couple of years after that. My parents had pigs, sheep, work horses, chickens and milk cows. My mother always had a big garden and canned our vegetables. My father believed in paying cash for what he needed and got his first loan in 1964 for a new car. The barn was built in 1912 and the house was enlarged in 1916. A portion of the old house was kept on as a summer kitchen. My father replaced and built the hog house, chicken house and grainery in the 1950's. The father belonged to an oats threshing ring with the neighbors however he had his own corn shredder which my son now owns. We daughters had lots of fun in the barn and had a tire swing hanging from the beams as the barn was open in the center to store hay. We three oldest daughters helped with chores and milking cows which we initially did by hand until Dad got a milking machine. It was a very good life and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

—Lois Reinhart

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