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Delaware County, Iowa, 1972. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

This farm is one and one half miles east of Oneida, IA and was settled on by a family named Rector. In 1887 Mr. Rector shipped a railroad car load of hogs to Chicago and built the 40' X 100" barn and two years later he shipped another railroad car load of hogs and built the house. The house was torn down in the early 2000's and replaced. My Grandparents, Jesse and Bertha Matthews rented the farm in 1923 and lived there until 1946. My parents, Carl and Clara Fenstermann moved onto the farm in 1939 and helped with the farming. They moved off the farm in 1959 when my sister and her husband, Casey and Ruth Tucker moved here and lived here until 1962. My wife and I, Robert and Mary Fenstermann moved here at that time and moved off in 1964. Our family had rented this farm on a livestock/crop share lease for 41 years.

—Robert Fenstermann

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