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Elkhart County, Indiana, 1974. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

HARMONY GROVE FARM. This farm got it's name back in the late 1800s because all the family members played musical instruments, plus other neighbors showed up on certain weekends for barn dances or other type of community get-togethers. This farm was purchased by Dr. David D. Bechtel and Mary K. Bechtel in 1952 from Glen Byler. Back when this picture was taken, it was 78 acres total. Even though David was a full-time dentist, he couldn't wait for his day to end and come home and work the ground or work with his registered horned hereford cattle. Even though Mary sold the farm in 2000, she didn't have the heart to leave it, so she was granted a lifetime lease to live there until her quality of life forced her to leave in 2009. At this point, the farm is owned by Don & Nancy Sham Sr.

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