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Hardin County, Iowa, 1971. Copyright © State Aerial. Share

I moved onto this farm in March 1958 and lived here until I was married on February 10, 1963. This farmstead was on 240 acres on the north side of Highway 175 East of Eldora, Iowa. My father rented the farm which was owned by D. W. Dickinson (an attorney from Eldora). We raised corn, soybeans, cattle (beef and dairy), pigs and chickens. Mom always had a big vegetable and flower garden and always hung the clothes on the line. We sold eggs and pasteurized our milk. We were mostly self sustaining as we raised our own vegetables and meat (chicken, beef and pork). I remember the hard work that included walking beans to remove weeds, picking up rocks from fields, shelling corn and baling hay. The daily chores and feeding and taking care of the animals. I also have fond memories of my 2 year old son feeding the chickens. Family picnics from both sides of the family. Remember the party telephone line and it's challenges.

—Phyllis Foster Harner

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