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This picture was taken in the fall of 1971, three years before my birth. The farm was originally called the "Sloan Farm" until 1859 when Francis A Brown from Ohio purchased the property. This farm has been in the Brown Family ever since, 151 years as of 2010. The cemetery which is located on the west side of the property is named Brown Cemetery, 6 generation of the Brown Family are buried there along with other from this community. The Brown Family still operates a successful grain farm with this generation being the 6th to be involved with agriculture.

—Jeff Brown - Brown Farms

What a rare opportunity to have this photograph available to myself and 3 brothers. We were all raised here and explored the many wonders of the corn crib and barns as youngsters and where we cared for and ultimately showed our 4H projects. And what a walk from the school bus to the house which was a 3/4 mi. lane. The farm is now owned and operated by my oldest brother.


We are very happy with the photo we received. I can't complain about anything. We already have it hanging on the wall and it looks great!

Thank you

—Michelle Wirth

My grandparents bought this farm in Oct. 1959. My dad was 10 years old when they moved here and I heard the stories of the "cold old farmhouse" and the big red barn when I was younger. This photo is from 1974, one year before they tore down the old house and built a new one in 1975. When they were building the new house they had moved many of the items from the old house into the barn. Then, right before the new house was done the barn caught on fire and a bunch of friends and neighbors came to get the stuff out of the barn while the fire department was putting out the fire. They got everything out and were able to salvage about 1/4 of the hay mow and grandpa put a lower roof on the rest of it. I had never seen a picture of either the old house or barn and the fire happened 6 years before I was born so it is really neat to see these old photos. Grandpa is now 92 years old and in the nursing home. I moved here in April of 2008.

—Aaron Cliff

I opened it yesterday, it's pretty cool.. It is a gift for my husband. Yes, I would recommend your company..
Happy Holiday's


I recieved the photo yesterday. The frame is very nice and the picture looks great. Even for being over 40 years old, you can still make out some of the details. There is a Moline combine parked in the barn that I did not see when we previewed the picture. My dad has spoke about having that combine when he was young but we never had any pictures of it. I think the purchase process went well and is easy. I enjoyed being able to preview the picture and seeing some of the neighbors farms as we flipped through to find ours. I am excited to give it to my parents for Christmas. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.


—Brad Johnson

Doris & Glenn Zaugg owned the farm from 1950-2007.

—Thomas Zaugg

This photo was taken in 1971, 3 years before a tornado came through and leveled the barn and all the trees, the house stood firm as myself my mother and one of by brothers were in the basement as the tornado passed.

—Paul Bieser

My parents bought this farm in the early seventies. Most of the buildings are gone and replaced with newer ones. I have lived here since 1993. It is neat to see how it used to look.


The Hughes family farm: I have looked for an aerial picture of the home farm where I grew up many years. Most of the building that stood when I lived there are gone or they are in poor condition. My father build our home on this property in the early 50's. The home had indoor bathroom. One of the first in this area. The house today has been remodeled so it has a different shape. My mom raised a big garden, we always had fresh produce to eat. I have many fond memories growning up on the farm. We raised tobacco for a cash crop. Lots of hard work but help our family survive in tough times. This picture had brought me a lot of joy!!

—Cheryl Hughes-Roscovius