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It is neat to look back and see the old buildings and trees. Many of the old fence rows are still the same today.

—Candi Scheuermann

I had a chance to buy a photo shorly after we bought our farm in the early 90's but didn't do it at that time. I had regreted not buying it for years but when I seen your company I knew I could have another chance to do so. I now have that picture and one a couple of years ago and plan on getting another in a couple more years after we finish a couple of building projects that we have plans for. Thanks for your help.

—Randy Pierret

Our farm has been in the family for over 100 years. The house in this picture was built by my great-grandparents, is where I grew up, and where I live to this day. Many of the outbuildings are gone now, including the barn. Having this picture warms heart and brings a smile to my face every time I pass by it. It reminds me there were times when things didn't move so fast and family always came first, "The Good Ole' Days".

—Tina Detloff