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This is my home farm. My Great Grandfather started it in 1888. The barn was the second largest in the county when it was built. It measures about 115 feet long, 60 feet wide and 60 feet tall.


This is my Great Aunt and Uncles house in the late 1970s. This photo was taken when they were doing some work on the house. The big car in the driveway is my Grandfathers 1976 Thunderbird, I believe my Grandfather is standing by the car.


This is a picture of our home which was taken in 1970, the year we were married.
It is nice to be able to show our family how the farmsite looked before all the changes that have been made during the 41 years we have been living there.
Thank you, Gary Brinkmeier, for finding it for us!

—Gary & Marcia Lee

This is a 1966 photo of my home farm in Vermilion County Illinois. My great grandfather bought the farm in 1909. My two daughters are the fifth generation in my family to be part of this farm. My great grandparents came from Ostfriesland Germany in the 1860s.

—Rudy Schmidt

The picture brought back lots of old memories. I only wish an even older picture could have been located and that I could go back 100 years and talk to my relatives who had live there.


I am so glad we found Vintage Aerial. We have been searching for a picture of our property and finally found it! I can't wait to display this picture!

—Debbie Uecker

This is the back of my grandparents farm, I can not even express the emotional feelings I felt when this came up on the screen. I am so glad I found Vintage Aerial!

—Debbie Uecker

This is the front of my grandparents farm. I have so many memories that come back when I look at this picture. It is amazing how things have changed ~ I truely feel blessed to find out about Vintage Aerial!

—Debbie Uecker

This is a picture of my in-laws farm, even before their house was built. It is truly amazing how the property has changed over the last 30+ years. Finally I can see the buildings they talk about.

—Debbie Uecker

My brother and I purchased this farm in mid 90's and have been looking for a early picture of the farm. We have made many changes to the farm since we have purchased it and wanted to have a something to look back at. After finding this website and talking with Charlie on the phone it was a great experience in itself just looking at all the farms in the area and how it has changed. This is going to be a picture I will cherish forever as I love my pictures of our farms. This is a great service and is truly priceless for someone that want history of their own. Thanks so very much for what you do.

—Brock Peris