Johnson County, Indiana, 1988
Johnson County, Indiana, 1988. Copyright © State Aerial. Duplication strictly prohibited.

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I agree Sara I did one for my daughters baithdry last year and went all Gen x on it where there was not something in the layers the kids expected there to be it was almost like a mutiny but at the end they all got a lucky dip anyway I'd rather make it fair and agree that it's good to learn you don't always get everyting you want the first time. I also didn't do lolly bags because geez whiz, some of the ones people do must cost them more then a thank you wedding gift, instead I did a craft table with cheap terracotta pots from bunnings that the kids got to decorate (fun activity for 7 year olds) and then potted a petunia in as they left and they all got a hair clip as well from a local facebook site.

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