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45-IBV-29 (1971)
Walter & Irene Johannesen farm. David Delbridge (grandson) lives there today with wife Deb
18-MBU-1 (1975)
Wow, it's hard to believe it will be 40 years ago this Summer since my brother Lloyd and I were a part of the...
45-GBU-20 (1979)
I grew up my whole life on this farm my brother still lives there today. My grandpa owned the land west of here and...
38-IBV-17 (1971)
My parents lived on this farm from 1962 until 1986 and then my brother until 2011.
37-MBU-15 (1975)
A lot of the trees are gone. The corn crib is gone. This was before dad built the new machine shed on the north edge...
52-MBU-12 (1975)
This photo of our farm was taken when I was ten. My parents were Eldon and Norma Rohlk.