Photo 16-MAR-16
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Barbara Branscombe

This was ur old homestead! Wow!

Julie bergan

My great grandfather Botting built this home.

Joan Schillinger

Lots of memories here. Miss you mom and dad. Thanks for everything you did for us and for taking care of your crazy eight children. Never ever to be forgotten. HOME.AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

Joan Schillinger

Elden and Ruby Schillinger lived here for many years. They raised 8 children. 5 Boys and 3 girls. Both mom and dad worked very hard. Dad was one of the best mechanics in Aroostook County. My mom was full blooded Micmac indian who worked hard making baskets and raising her children. My father served in World War II. My mother was a member of The Aroostook Band of Micmacs. My father died June 13, 1998. My mother died March14, 2003.We lost the house when mom died because Medicare had to have their money and none of us kids could afford to pay the bill. When it was sold each child got $900 for a lifetime of memories. It's sad that this could be done. My mom and dad always wanted their kids to be able to come home and have a place to stay. It was a very sad day for all of us when we lost the house. The money meant nothing but the house meant everything. I loved my parents and miss them terribly.

Joan Schillinger

Elden and Ruby Schillinger loved their children and grandchildren very much.

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