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Ann Ames Bradbury

This was the "Bowker Farm" It was rented on and off for several years - think that it burned in the 70s and a house was moved in or the house was rebuilt.

Allison Beals Jacobs

Ann is correct, the road was later moved farther away fom the front of the house.

Patrick Shekleton

Is this 277 Stoney Brook Road?


I don't believe that this is 277, I believe it is the house just before 277. This house burned and another was purchased when the new Sup Ship building was built and one of those houses was moved here. There were many houses purchased and moved to new locations in Bath and the surrounding communities.


This was the Timnothy B. Bowker farm, it burned about 1974, just to the west of the farm remains the Bowker cemetery where Timothy was laid to rest. At the time of this photo the home was owned by George Bowkers parents, Howard S. &
Helene (aka Elaine) Tracey Bowker and was a rental property, it was vacant at the time fire destroyed it. The property was later purchased by Earle "Bud" Warren who bought a home in Bath and had it noved here, as it was mentioned many homes on Washington St were sold and moved, several to Aegis Dr (of Congree Av) and some to
Washington St at the corner of Lemont St. Though I do not know the house number it is currently owned by Lillian Harley.
As mentioned the road was later built to the south to widen the roadway.


I can confirm that the address IS 277 Stoneybrook Road.

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