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Marlene via Judy and Robert Thompson

My parents ordered this picture and you sent them a 15x18 ? for the price of 300.00. This is not the picture that you sent!!! It is not centered, the barn is 3/4 cut off, and the house in the top left isn't on the photograph either. They were under the impression that they were getting this picture.... If it was cropped, it wasn't done to their liking. You advertise this picture and you sent a fraction of what is supposed to be in the picture. They would like another picture of this magnitude of the farm that has been in the family for several generations. Please call them so they can send you the picture back that you sent that is a very poor imitation of the picture that I see in #208-ILE-13. My name is Marlene, (
The owners of this property is Bob and Judy Thompson, ( and that is who you need to contact asap, so they can enjoy the picture of the farm that they ordered, not the cut off mess that arrived at their home with an expense of $300.00. I hope you will make it right to my parents because it would mean a lot to them and their legacy!!!


Hi Marlene my name is Nathan with Vintage Aerial I'm sorry about the Issues with your photo, we take our customer satisfaction very seriously and I would like to help get this issue resolved for you. I have sent you an email regarding this issue and I'm sure we can fix your photo for you right away.

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