Pine County, Minnesota, 1983
Pine County, Minnesota, 1983. Copyright © State Aerial. Duplication strictly prohibited.

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Hello, Congratulations on your French translation. My faiuvrote Frenchy things are:Brigitte Bardot, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick and Coco Perfume, Serge Gainsbourgh, Vanessa Paradis, Jean Cocteau and his genius. All the memories of my two trips to France. An old man on a train slowly peeling an egg, the smile and joy on the Madame's face when she spotted her mad Australians on their second trip, strangers who approached up to offer help in Paris when we were lost. The laughter from French maids and service staff as we attempted to speak French. The stylish little dogs in the streets. The veil of beauty and poetry that hangs over the city. The knowledge that you are treading in the same streets as so many great artists of our history. There are so many things I do love about the French and French culture.

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