Ashtabula County

We have 941 rolls of film from Ashtabula County. That's about 33,876 photos.

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23-TASB-9 (1982)
Property was owned by the late Mr Albert T Carlisle of Ashtabula, Ohio. We rented the farmhouse from 1970-1995... more »
115-BAST-13 (1979)
I grew up here. My parents moved into this house when I was about 16 months old. It originally was a boarding... more »
19-TAS-30 (1982)
Here's our farm. I've lived here since 1971, raised 5 children who are grown up and moved to their own... more »
14-IAS-10 (1965)
I lived in this house till I was 16 .Moved back as a married lady , lived there for 29 years.It was owned by... more »
176-TASB-24 (1982)
Clarence Tuttle Farm
181-BAST-14 (1979)
My wife lived there. We married the year after thus photo was taken.
57-OAS-4 (1968)
This is a picture of the clubhouse for Deer Lake Golf Course at 6300 Lake Road West. Deer Lake was our family... more »
27-DAS-11 (1974)
I lived here from 1968 thru 1986. So much has changed!! Asking for this for Christmas!!!