Fairfield County

We have 866 rolls of film from Fairfield County. That's about 31,176 photos.

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9-GFA-4 (1989)
Just purchased the house 2 years ago
17-IFF-29 (1965)
My husband Robert "Bob" Foster was born here in Dec. 1950. It was owned by Joseph Peters of Ashville... more »
42-PFA-25 (1978)
This is the place I grew up. My family purchased this property in 1932. In the late 1950's, much of this... more »
21-HFA-35 (1981)
Another shot of my home place. Barn, chicken houses & crib are all gone now.
28-PFA-5 (1978)
This is where I grew up, "Hillcrest". The barn is now gone (on the neighbor's property. Chicken... more »
68-PFA-34 (1978)
This is my house!
90-PFA-8 (1978)
This is the Mount Carmel United Church of Christ at the intersection of Clearport Rd. and Amanda-Clearport Rd.
32-MFAD-1 (1969)
Built to order for Francis J. and Louise Trocchia, my parents, this property is located at the corner of Blue... more »