Fairfield County

We have 866 rolls of film from Fairfield County. That's about 31,176 photos.

88% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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32-MFAD-1 (1969)
Built to order for Francis J. and Louise Trocchia, my parents, this property is located at the corner of Blue Valley...
230-SFA-6 (1990)
My home I grew up in. My dad had it built. We built the shed, and that's my old trampoline in the pic.
72-PFA-2 (1978)
I am currently in the process of purchasing this house :-)
20-HFA-3 (1981)
Long road & Marie Lane
20-HFA-10 (1981)
Park dept. took over this farm , across from Pickerington ponds. on Wright Road
20-HFA-14 (1981)
Looks like Sunrise Chapel, that later became Word of Life, that Later became World Harvest. West of the corner of...
517-AFA-32 (1991)
Built by Jay and Peggy Shepherd, my aunt and uncle. :-)
517-AFA-31 (1991)
Built by James and Delcia Shepherd, my grandparents. :-)