Knox County

We have 868 rolls of film from Knox County. That's about 31,248 photos.

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29-LKN-24 (1972)
This is the house I spent most of my childhood in, 7190 Patton Road. My step-father, Elmer Vernon, was the one... more »
26-ZKN-13 (1983)
Goff/Pigman home
13-RKN-35 (1980)
Goff/Pigman house
1-LKN-3 (1972)
Dad bought this farm in 1946. We (my brother, his son and I) have three houses here. It's a great place... more »
1-LKN-17 (1972)
This is the dairy farm where Glen grew up. It is now the Burgett Learning Center on Upper Fredericktown Road.
65-NKN-7 (1973)
This place belongs to a man who used to be a Doctor in Danville.
65-NKN-6 (1973)
This is currently the Alden Family Farm. Used to belong to the Colopy family and was kept nice by the Phil Magers... more »
5-LKN-32 (1972)
This farm on Waterford Road, just northwest of Waterford, was purchased by Floyd and Geneva Snell around 1954... more »