Licking County, Ohio, 1974
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Lynn Covert Baruxes

! would like to know how I can purchase this photo. This farm was in my family by claiming the land back in the days. I grew up here from 1957 till I married in 1975. I made a copy of an original artist drawing that I own from my grandparents in the 1880's & gave it to the Kraner's Nature Center.

Lynn Covert Baruxes

I would like info. to purchase this photo. This farm was in my family from when people claimed the land they settled on. I grew up here from when I was born, 1957 till I married in 1976. I have an original artist drawing from the 1880's that my grandparents gave me. I made a copy of it & gave it to the Kraners Nature Center to display. I also have an arrowhead I found on the farm as a little girl, about 8 years old I guess. I plan to give that to the center as well when I'm back in town. I now live in Fl.

Brigitte McKay

Memories! I think that's great!!!

Ken Krieg

Lynn call me at 800-462-2780 or e-mail me at ken@stateaerial.com. We are in the process of releasing 8 million images and have a total of 25,000,000 all over the US. We decided to test by releasing 50,000 images in Licking County. We will automate a shopping cart in the future to help service our customers that would like to document or display their history. Selling something was not our goal. The most important thing was to find out if people enjoyed finding their photo's by going back in time and would they share a story or comment with friends and family. Did you enjoy your experience. If so make sure you hit the share button on the lower right hand corner so your friends can find their Aerial History.

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