Butts County, Georgia

22-watermarked 22-watermarked

My parents live on this farm in Middle Georgia. My father has lived there since he was 10 years old - he's now 67. They have raised cows on the land for many decades, and my three sisters and I grew up there and developed a love for this property. The old house isn't fancy, but it's home. There are now three barns, and there aren't as many huge oak trees now. The smaller details in the picture are what got me - there's an old truck by the barn that just left the farm about three years ago, and Mama's Chrysler station wagon is sitting in front of the house. That car probably had 225,000 miles on it when she sold it to someone else in the late 80s.

This photo printed and in a frame is phenomenal. I am excited to present it to my parents this year as a retirement gift to both.

—Julie Prevette