Polk County, Iowa

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My grandfather, John Jacob Abuhl owned the 120 acres and farmed it together with my dad Loren and 4 sons for nearly 40 years beginning in 1941. Dad's first tractor was a brand new 1938 John Deere Model B that still runs today. We raised cattle, hogs, sheep and chickens and tended a 1 1/2 acre garden all those years. Mom was a very hard working, faithful and loving farmer's wife and raised 8 children. "G'pa John" passed away in 1984 and the land was sold shortly after. The 6 acre farmstead was then divided, with our cousin Wayne buying the big house and half the farmstead. Sometime in the '60's the farm was designated a "Century Farm" meaning it had been owned by the same family for 100 + years. I thank God for a rich midwestern Iowa heritage and many memories from my childhood there on the farm.

—David L Abuhl