April 2011

Mystery Monday (4/25 - Revealed)

Posted on 04/29/2011 by Sam Melden

UPDATE. We have updated this post to reveal the location of our Mystery Monday Photo

This week we had such a great response from Frank Snyder we wanted to use his comment to reveal its location. See his comment below the photo. Great job Frank!

This is the farm where they filmed “Field of Dreams”. We used to live not far from there. The Field of Dreams was one of the places we always took friends and relatives when they came to visit. It’s really cool (the baseball field, not the Iowa weather) in late summer when the corn is tall. You will see cars from all over the U.S. in the parking lot. There’s always an assortment of visitors at the field – there to “have a catch”, hit a few and round the bases, or just sit on the bleachers and take it all in. They do occasionally have local men play a game in the evenings as the “ghost players”. A year or two ago, Kevin Costner and his band (yes, he has a band) had a concert there.

It’s interesting to see a picture of the farm before the movie. The power lines in the upper left part of the picture had to be moved for the movie. They originally ran down the 2nd-3rd base line. The house was modified a little. A bay window was added for the movie so they could see the field better from inside the house.

The baseball field actually sits on two pieces of property. Left and center field has different owners than the farmstead, infield, and right field. And they don’t get along. You will notice that there are two driveways going to the baseball field, and two souvenir stands. More on the feud here: http://www.sportshollywood.com/fodwar.html .

Dyersville, Iowa is on highway 20, about an hour north of Interstate 80. If you were driving through Iowa on I-80, the best route to detour and go to Dyersville is take hwy 61 north from the Quad Cities to Dubuque, then west on 20. If you continue on west, you go through Waterloo and end up at Interstate 35, which take you back to I-80. Pretty much all 4-lane divide highway. Dyersville is also the home of Ertl Toys. They have a farm toy museum in Dyersville.

- Frank Snyder


Posted on 04/27/2011 by Sam Melden

"This is the back of my grandparents farm, I can not even express the emotional feelings I felt when this came up on the screen. I am so glad I found Vintage Aerial! Debbie Uecker

Even the shortest of stories will never get old. (Read more here.)


Posted on 04/27/2011 by Sam Melden

We are in middle of National Preservation Week. And while this can be a vague or open-ended concept to some, we think there is significant meaning in the idea of preservation. Whether preservation makes you think of the environment, family heritage or the physical restoration of a valuable item… it is an important concept to consider. And we want to know what you think of when you hear preservation?

For us, at Vintage Aerial, the power of a photo allows us to preserve so much. By connecting yesterday’s memories with photographs from our collection, we hope to introduce your great-grandchildren to your grandparents through a photo of the home or farm they worked so hard for. That is preservation, and that is the work we wan to be about.

But enough about us; what about you? When your time is up, what will still be here? Did you have an impact in making it last? What do you hope to preserve?

(Photo taken from Maureen Taylor’s blog.)

*National Preservation week will lead into National Preservation Month during the month of May. Look out for great deals and offers from Vintage Aerial to allow you to preserve that which is most important to you.

Mystery Monday (4/18 - Revealed)

Posted on 04/22/2011 by Sam Melden

UPDATE. We have updated this post to reveal the location of our Mystery Monday Photo

This photo is Kingsville Elementary School in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Taken in 1968. To see this today check out Whatwasthere.com

Mystery Monday (4/11 - Revealed)

Posted on 04/11/2011 by Sam Melden

UPDATE. We have updated this post to reveal the location of our Mystery Monday Photo

Taken in Dodge County, Wisconsin – 1976 Pyramid of the Nile. (Map)

"I will surely treasure it for years."

Posted on 04/06/2011 by Sam Melden

Dear Vintage Aerial,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful photo you found for our family. The photo of our farm was special to my Dad, and I’m glad he got to see it before he passed away. Our family farm was his most sacred place on earth….the land he lovingly farmed….that once belonged to his parents and his grandparents as well. So, this beautiful image is already hanging on my family room wall and I will surely treasure it for years.

Special thanks Tom for your help in finding the photo. Special thanks to Paul and Lisa Clark for visiting me at Dad’s funeral and for your friendship. The photo was proudly displayed at his wake and all of Dad’s brothers and sisters, family members and friends got to share in the memories that Dad’s farm has provided over the years.

Many, many thanks,

Karin Perozek

*From our Featured Stories page from a thankful Vintage Aerial customer.

Mystery Monday (4/4 - Revealed)

Posted on 04/04/2011 by Sam Melden

UPDATE. We have updated this post to reveal the location of our Mystery Monday Photo. See the comments section.