What's a Proof Print?

We have two different kinds of 8x12" unframed prints. They're printed on the same materials, but the 8x12 Photographic Print is more expensive because we remove imperfections and make other improvements to the image before printing. 

Proof Prints are essentially samples that allow you to use the purchase price towards a more finished product. A lot of our customers wanted to see the picture close up before they decided on something more permanent – so we created the Proof Print concept. The photos are un-edited/unrestored, and typically contain some imperfections from the original film that we otherwise correct in Photoshop. The logo is added to further communicate that it's a sample product, and not a finished one.

The $29 spent towards a proof print can be applied towards any of our other products excluding additional Proof Prints. A maximum of 10 Proof Prints can be purchased at a time. 

Last updated on February 4, 2020