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022 eca 25

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We purchased this property in 1999 (not 1997 as previously noted on another photograph of this property). We currently reside here still. The trees have all changed and the yard is lined with pine trees so thick you can't see the house from this angle. The house has been added on to a couple of times. The old garage is still there but has white vinyl siding the same as the house. The large 3 story barn unfortunately did not get maintained at all...we brought it down in 2002 and built a new barn in it's place. It was painful but there simply wasn't money enough to fix the decades of rot that was allowed to happen - when we purchased it in 1999 the middle third of the roof was completely missing on the back side. None of the other out buildings at the back of this photo remain. All 6 grain bins still stand (not owned by us).

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