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  • All buildings gone except the house
  • This was the lumber yard, elevator & C.M.St.P & P. depot at Kingston, IL. All of these buildings left (north)of State Hwy. #72 are gone.
  • of the picture) is gone. The house in the left is gone and, as Michael said, we reroofed the round barn with a metal roof.
  • I grew up here. The house has been added onto. Some trees are gone. The pump house behind the house is gone. Lots of memories wrapped up in this picture.
  • We purchased the farm in 1979 and still live here. The barn and silo are gone. A new shed was put up. Bins were installed and the corn crib is gone. My daughter came across this photo. Thanks!
  • All old buildings are gone except house Was just complete remodel in 2015
  • The Grain bins are gone, and the large barn is being dismantled since roof has fallen in. I am the present owner.
  • Faivre Farm- Corn crib is gone old barn and silo are gone. Added 2 hog barns, cattle pasture, more grain bins and a 2 new sheds to the east.
  • This is where we lived. My sister has this pic hanging in their kitchen. All the buildings are gone except the house and the barn.
  • My son lives here.He bought it 5 years ago. the back shed is gone but all the other buildings are still there.

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