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Frank Schmale Farm. Schmale Road, Wheaton, IL. now part of Glendale Lakes Golf Club, Glendale Heights, IL

We used to chase the pigs that were around the old cars.

Our family was one of the first that had a new house built on land that was originally a part of the FRANK SCHMALE farm in 1964. It was in what was part of the Dover Development , my brothers friends and I used to visit with and help Frank feed hogs that were free range wandering, and living everywhere about in the numerous varieties of old abandoned aging farm equipment that was heavily scattered around the farm. Mr. SCHMALE used take his humble old pick up truck to a few of the nearby factories one in particular that I recall very well was a factory that made or packaged Fiddle Faddle a Cracker Jack kind of caramel popcorn and peanuts and he would bring what seemed like then, a ton of damaged boxes and cases of the sweet sticky stuff and I can still remember his loud pitched call out " pig pig here pig and huge old boars and sows and little piglets came out from everywhere and furiously ravaged down what he and whom ever was there would throw out of the truck bed over a rickety old wire fence and Frank always had an ear to ear grin on his face and he really enjoyed watching the hogs compete for the food. Mr SCHMALE, Frank is what he told us kids that used to go visit with him and he really enjoyed our company and was a very kind man. Occasionally he would give us a coke or some cake or candy or any other sort of treat to show his kindness. A few years after we had frequently gone and visited and tinkered with the gold mine of parts scattered about that we would scavenger together and make all sorts of go carts and mini bikes with. One extra hot day in July 1966 my brother and I walked down to the west end of Armitidge ave to where the road then ended to where back then was all pasture and some low bog land that led to Where Frank's house was located just off what was the old Schmale rd. We saw that his truck in the driveway so we walked up to to the porch of the humble,weathered aging home and began knocking and calling out " Hello Frank it's Lou and Pat repeatly she finally the door slowly creaked open revealing Frank looking like he hadn't rested nor shaved for days and I still can remember the somber swollen tear filled eyes looking at us when he spoke in a slow, somber tone that said " Boys would you please leave I don't feel like visitors anymore, my daughter has been murdered!! We were so stunned first of all that he asked us to leave because he really liked us and our visits with him the the horrible news that we could tell broke him down with grief of his daughters murder. We had known of her being in nursing school and his son was to be a doctor he was really proud of them and upon saying those words he closed the door and we walked back through the pastures and over the fences back home to share the news with our parents and friends. After we were home for a few hours and had shared the terrible news it was announced on the television that eight studen nurses had been murdered by Richard Speck in Chicago. Weeks later we again went to Frank's house and knocked, but he never answered his door again. We had heard that he had fallen into deep depression and had to be placed in an assisted living home somewhere. So there you have an actual account of a true story of the kind strong hard working friendly man that was such a major part of the begging history of Glendale Hgts. and Carol Stream Illinois. They should be named SCHMALEVILLE.. "I'll see you again in HEAVEN .....Frank

I also visited Frank and assisted with pig feeding and wrangling up his pigs. Farmer Schmale was so nice but I also remember when his daughter was killed- he withdrew. Such good memories of him and his farm and all the adventures there! We ice skated on frozen ponds on his property

Nina Schmale WAS NOT Franks daughter

Dug there every holloween as a kid looking for the burried cash village of glendale hts found it and built the golf course

Nina Jo Schmale's parents were John and Dorothy Schmale. They likely lived near Frank, as both Schmale families were enumerated on consecutive pages of the 1940 census (rural Bloomingdale township). The farm is now hole #14 on the golf course.

He was a kind sweet old Man that enjoyed His Pigs and People!!!

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