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034 def 06
  • Norman Seibert built the white house in the picture. 2 story house is gone. Now owed by Josh and Amanda Miller
037 ief 08
  • This was Morris & Karen Wharton's place. The three buildings a on the left are gone and there is a machine shed to the west. Their son Shawn lives there now.
054 ief 07
  • This is where I’m living. I don’t know anything about it. The house is gone. Replaced by a modular design. The barn is still there.
005 ief 12
  • I believe this is where I live now. The garage and the barn are the only two buildings that has not been changed. The silo is gone and the house has
  • been enlarged. The tin shed behind the barn has been added onto. All of the other buildings are gone.
037 ief 17
  • when I married. The road bed was made different a few years ago and the two trees between the garden spot and the barn are now gone and the board
  • fence and buildings behind the barn are all gone but the barn and silo and the machine shed still stand.
054 ief 11
  • Wilber Leith was my grandfather, I grew up going back to my Dads hometown always hearing the stories about this place from my Dad and Aunts and Uncle! It was long gone by then, so it's wonderful to see it when it was still standing!
  • . Unfortunately all buildings are gone. Just a couple trees remain. It was a bean field this summer.
002 ief 13
  • This is where we live now! Everything is gone now, but the house and small milking shed, but we have added 3 grain bins.
050 ief 01
  • grandchildren are now the 6th! Old house is gone, grain bin, Machine shed and hog house added to farm.

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