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012 bgr 09
  • Almost all the barns and buildings are gone.
040 wgr 35
  • Yes, this is where I grew up. A lot of the buildings had changed, barn and corn crib are gone, and the pigs lot to the right is just a field now.
033 bgr 02
  • The farm in this photo is all gone... It now is a corn field ... How do I know, I live on the next farm east of it...
024 bgr 09
  • Pfeifer Family Farm outside of Mazon, still family owned. Different buildings on the property now, all of the ones in the photo are long gone.
013 bgr 02
  • all of the out buildings are gone. replaced with 5 grain bins. I grew up here
006 bgr 31
  • thorson farm where the 1954 Chicago international market hog was raised!!all buildings are gone now except the crib in the field
040 wgr 34
  • This is where my wife and I live. we have a new home west of the cattle barn and the barn is gone. It was falling apart after being redone a couple of times. Donna and Larry Meyer.
032 mgr 06
  • the crib is gone and there are 2 more grain bins. a few trees are gone now also this is my family's farm
012 jgr 13
  • This is where I grew up. My parents moved into this farm house circa 1975 and still live there. The two old barns and the corn crib are now gone
  • with the barns being removed in the mid 80's and the corn crib coming down in the late 90's. Most of the trees are now gone as well with only about
  • a half dozen or so still standing. The pasture area to right of the larger barn is gone and is now a corn field. Many days spent playing baseball and football in the yard by those old barns...
031 bgr 23
  • throughout the property. We don’t have the white fence in the front. Also the round building is gone.

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