Photo 18-DJA-14


This was the Hidalgo Grain Elevator owned by my parents. The rails were still in at this time. Grain and fertilizer were shipped predominantly by rail. The tall structure with the windows at the end of the bins had a manual lift. This was how workers would access different areas of grain storage. There was a catwalk on top of the bins from one end to the other and across the drive and over the bean dryer. These were accessed by using the manual lift to the top of the tall structure. During harvest I would dry grain so it could be shipped out the next day. The big bin nearest the front of the picture was aptly named "Big Ben" and the shorter bin to the right of it was "Bertha". The office is somewhat visible and the roof of the feed house is visible. The elevator was sold in the early 1990's, the new owners weren't able to manage, so the elevator was sold, shut down, and dismantled.

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