Photo 87-LJO-20


Hill Farm, Stockton IL

Small quanset hut on the right, hidden by trees, was where the Roger and Shirley Buske family lived from about 1957 until 1970. The house has since fallen down and been buried.

The large house belonged to Florence Hill who was a well known artist in Stockton.

Hi Terry,
Did you on the property? Do you know/remember what Florence kept in the different barns?

We just rented and didn't really get involved with the farming. I just remember a couple of milk cows in the barn. Not sure what else was in buildings. Her son Bobby, who had his own farm down the road, did the chores. Her other son, Herb, may have helped some too, but I just remember Bobby. Orlean Wurster lived upstairs and I believe helped with chores.

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