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This is the Barrington Equine Center on RT22 and RT59. Its now for sale.

You're looking North with Route 59 to your left and Route 22 at the bottom.

These were the stables and horse farm owned by Ernie Byfield who also owned the house right across 22 on the south side. When Route 59 was extended and bisected his farm, he had a tunnel installed so animals and people could go underneath the road.

you can see the tunnel if you follow route 59 north on the picture and it's under the "I" in vintage.

Thank you for the info Robert! I have driven over that tunnel for many years and never would have known that was there. There are bridge markings on the roadway, but I would have assumed there was a creek or something.

and thank you for filling in a lot of blanks. This is kinda fun! You are either from the area or still are?

I worked in Barrington ~30 years ago and was in the area a lot. I grew up all around the Chicagoland area across three counties. I've lived in Lake County most of my adult life and this site unlocks a lot of its historical secrets. It's a beautiful area!

Oh, and as for my comment about Rt. 59, my wife worked at Good Shepherd hospital and I would have to go there from time to time and was coming in from the Round Lake area.

I lived in 3 houses in this area over 20 years so I'm very familiar and i also love history. thanks for your contributions. One of my daughters was born at Good Shepherd and we had a dog who ran away one time and ended up INSIDE Good Shepherd!

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