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This French style house still stands and is one of the largest private residential properties in Lincolnshire. Its on the west side of Riverwoods Rd between Illinois 22 (Half Day Rd) and Daniel Wright Jr High School. It's at least 10 acres and was never subdivided as many properties were as Lincolnshire Expanded. It has a Lake Forest Address but is in Lincolnshire.

Arthur J Greene developer is planning on erecting at least a dozen homes on this one site. The homes will be built on lots with an average size of 29,000 square-feet, she said. The proposed average house size is 5,400 square feet, but that is subject to change, Zozulya (lake County official) said.

At the request of trustees, Arthur J. Greene representatives agreed earlier this year to reduce the number of lots from 19 to 15 and provide at least 40 feet of separation between each house.

1700 Riverwoods Rd lake Forest IL 60045 , Village of Lincolnshire
2015 property Tax $11,376 pin 15-14-200-028
Owner J A Mons
15 Acres

This home has been demolished and the land has been subdivided.

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