Photo 73-BLA-17


18270 W. Old Hickory Ct., Gurnee; view is looking SE. The house was built in 1928 and still there. The road shown in the photo is Washington St. The house now has a driveway beelining from the house to the upper left corner of the photo, where there is now a cul de sac.

I live here now and have for almost 20 years! And I am looking forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary in 5 years. This explains so much - as an example, the circular gravel drive explains why I have always joked they must have been rock farmers as I dig in my yard which now exists where the drive did. The road shown in the photo would have actually been Grange Hall Road at the time (and became Washington) and I know the address number was slightly different but I don't recall what.

A solar device now sits where the west side of the drive passed alongside the house and a garage, facing the cul-de-sac is to the east of the house.

Hi Nicole,
What is your favorite thing about living on this property? Do you also raise horses?

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