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This is now known a the cottage tap bar.

The cottage bar on what is now old Gages lake rd.

This was Esther's Tavern - I lived across the street from it back in the 1950's - 1960's. The ponies to the left of it belonged to Bill Hobson & Harold Warneke. The 1947 Ford sedan by the pony field belonged to Bill who likely was enjoying a beer at the time in Esther's!!

The sign actually reads, "Esther's Tavern" in this 1965 photo.

I had my first kiddie cocktail there with Grandpa Waino Stenberg who also built many of the small homes near the lagoon!

When we'd go to the cottage in summer I remember my Mom and friends would ride our bikes and feed horses. I haven't been able to remember where the location was. This must have been one of the places. Seems there were a lot more horses around back then.

MY Great Uncle Ernie Smetana owned this tavern in the 1940's and 50's. My mom, Karen Holz spent all of her summers there until she was 15 (1957). It had 2 bedrooms a kitchen with a bathroom, and the in the tavern their were 2 customer bathrooms. My mom used to get her hair cut on the front porch. She had a friend that lived there named Judy Hildebrandt. She remembers Harold and Jean Warneke. My Grandmother Catherine Holz who is 102 years old now, used to help her sister in law Adeline,make hamburgers for the customers.

Martin & Gwen Vehlow were my parents and my brother was Doug Vehlow. We lived across from Esther's for years. Locals were - Bischoff's, Cunningham's, Sheffer's, Burant's, Havermann's, Speidel's, Warneke's. Jahoda's, Depke's, Streit's. Nerroth's, Mogg's

My Grandma's bar

My Father and Mother owned this Bar
Bruno and Esther Kuhn, from 1957 to 1968.
I help to run this bar , Buddy L Kuhn

I’m Bruno kuhn
My Father Bruno and My Mother Esther Kuhn owned this Bar from 1957 to 1967

Hi Bruno,
What was your favorite part in helping your parents run the bar? What was the name of the bar?

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