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035 hla 18
  • WOW, this is my HOME! Sixity nine years of MEMORIES! G-D BLESS the DOYLES, especially the ROOT of our FAMILY!
  • Very cool Great Memories
019 bls 35
  • The Doug and Helen Wiley farm. Still there. I spent some of the best times in my childhood here with my 11 cousins and Aunt Helen and Uncle Doug. Blessed memories.
119 bls 23
  • I live on this property now. The house and all buildings except for the shed in the back have all been torn down. We re-did the shed and built a new home on it. This is such a neat memory for us!
089 bls 21
  • This was our family home where I grew up.My parents built the house (William & Ruth Papenburg JR.).Seeing this brings back great memories..
052 bls 14
  • If memory serves me correctly,my parents Ernest and Henrietta Riebe, purchased this property and moved to the 'old house' when they left the Knoll
088 bls 06
  • This was my Uncle Bud's farm. Rode horses and the shovel around the circular drive. Granny had popcorn waiting for us in the house. Watched Uncle Bud milk the cows. Started here for our hayrides... many many happy memories!
  • bug in the world), and sleepovers in the barn! We have so many happy memories here!
  • a trotting horse - and she was in her 80s! I wanted to be like her. Wonderful memories. - from a shirt-tail relation in Wheaton, IL

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