Photo 15-MMAR-10


Sparland School. Housed K-12 at this time, but is now Midland Jr High School.

The little trailer sitting off away from the main building housed the Kindergarten at this time. I started school in 1978-1979 in that trailer. One time we had a tornado and the high school boys had to run over and carry all of us to the main building.

Oh wow! I just noticed that the playground isn't there yet, either! When did they build the grade/Jr High addition?

It's there...if this was taken in 1980. The playground I mean. I don't know when they built it...good question. My brother and sister went to the old grade school...they are 11 years older than me...graduated high school in 1979. So somewhere between us they built it. But I remember playing on the playground in 1st grade...which would have been 1979-1980.

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