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Grew up just south of Butler on hwy. 127. Change?? What you see in the picture with the exception of the Post Office is no longer there.... top of pic., 2 story bldg. was Red & White grocery store owned at the time by the Klump family. Also, this bldg. contained the local barber shop owned by Floyd Karrick. Bldg. to the right (white) local bar. 3rd bldg. on top of photo was/is US Post office. Bottom of pic. bldgs. was Marathon gas station, motel complex and bar owned by Dewey Rogers....

Rudolph and Doris Wooden, my parents, were the last owners/operators of the grocery store.

I grew up in Butler, just down the street from here. I remember being so excited when I was allowed to walk to store n PO by myself..To this day, I can remember where most everything was in that little store. Doris and Rudolf were always so kind. Miss those glass bottle strawberry sodas!!!

I had forgotten Rudolph and Doris Wooden. So-o-o-o sorry.

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