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  • Cecil E. Saunders owned this farm when this picture was taken. He owned it from February 1964 until mid 1975. Almost all of these buildings are now gone. Wilson Mill Road in Eagle Point Township, Ogle County, Illinois.
  • Cecil and Marion were my grandparents. We spent many many happy days on this farm, walking out to the pasture to bring the cows in at milking time
  • , playing in the hay mow, baseball in the yard, "helping" Grandma in the garden, walking down the road to the railroad tracks to watch the trains go by -- always so much to do on the farm!
  • This house was built by the Wilkens on the farm previously owned by Jess Hageman on Pond road in Leaf River.
  • This was my grandparents farm. Means a lot that I have these pieces of my family history.
  • Huffman farm rt 72 west of MC
  • Ogle Service Company and Ogle County Farm Bureau in the foreground
  • Ludwig farm corner of W Grove Rd and Route 26 south of Forreston, IL
  • This was the farm of Arthur"Brownie" Long and his wife Eva on South Ridge Rd. He was persuaded by the state to sell a large portion of the farmland
  • for the new Castle Rock State Park. He raised cattle and pigs until the 70's. The farm is still owned by his family.
  • Straw farm#2 7928 w Edgewood rd
  • Farm on IL Rt. 72 between Leaf river and Forreston. South side.
  • Ludwig farm corner of W Grove Rd and Route 26 south of Forreston, IL

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