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Burgdorf Farm at the end of Burgdorf Lane, My Grandparents Farm. My Cousin Steve Burgdorf Lives on the Property. The House has been destroyed by Fire.

This house was where my great grandparents lived, my grandmother Shirley was there oldest daughter. Two of the of few baby pictures of mine I have seen was of the two of them holding me n a four generation picture of my great grandma, grandma, biological mother,and a infant me both taken in this house!

This was my Mom(Alice) & Dad(Martin Sr.) home. This is where my 4 brothers,(Charles),(Robert),(Richard),&(Martin Jr),2 sisters,(Shirley),(Carol),and I (Luann) grew up on, "The Burgdorf Farm".My Mom & Dad bought this farm in 1938,the year they were married.

Martin Sr. Was my Grandmother brother and at one time years ago did not live to far from her brother.

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