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  • Gone but not forgotten.
  • 3309 Forest Rd Freeport, IL. The fences and the barn in front are gone.
  • 313 Shippee Rd Lena, IL. All the buildings are gone.
  • By the late-1990s, the buildings were mostly gone.
  • Long gone, not there in 1980. The 4 Seasons Bowling Center is there since 1980.
  • Here is home, 1964. Still is today! Small buildings are all gone, and a hog pen was added just west of the barn.
  • I grew up in this house. My grandparents owned it prior to us living there. Most of the buildings are gone now, but many of these were there while I was growing up. It definitely does not look this good anymore.
  • Most of the out buildings are gone. The dairy barn needs a new roof and Windows need replaced.
  • All the buildings in this photo were gone by the mid-2000s, based on aerial photos.
  • This is the corner of Galena Rd and Cedarville Rd in Lena, IL. Everything is gone except for the shed on the bottom.
  • Buildings have all been gone since the early 2000s, based on aerial photos.

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