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  • My two brothers and myself lived here with our grandparents from 1959 to 1964. Located with IL Rte 116 cutting the farm in half and 165th St. intersecting in the lower left. Avon, IL was the post address
  • farm
  • Telford farm on Rte 116 at 165th Rd. Lived there 1959 to 1964. Corn Crib and Farrowing shed gone at the bottom left.
  • farm
  • farm
  • farm
  • farm
  • Our grandparents farm!
  • Cooper farm
  • This is the Cannon Farm. In 1970, Harriett Reed Cannon was living on the farm. Her son Charles Cannon was farming the ground. Mrs. Cannon died in 1976, Charles and his family moved to the farm in 1977.
  • Laverne Bailey farm
  • John and Dorothy Simpson farm! HOME!
  • George Clayton Sr farm

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