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010 icla 08
this is gone
045 fcl 26
Paula tarwater a new trailer. everything else gone
046 fcl 21
This is my aunt and uncle's present farm. The barn is gone now.
042 lcl 03
we moved here in 1971. Nothing looks like this now all that is gone except the driveway
031 fcl 22
I grew up in this house. Hose is still the same. Some trees are gone. More building on lanf and barn roof has changed
031 fcl 20
school and elementary. The garden to the left was tended by my grandma and 2 aunts who never left home. The house is gone now and my 2 aunts and 1
031 fcl 12
This was right across the road from my house (#11 in this Film Roll), it's all gone now. They've even taken out most of the trees and it's all crop now.
024 fcl 23
portable building and the cedar tree are gone. The house and the shed are still there. The property is still in the family.
062 lcl 18
This was where I grew up, this was when my Dad, Leonard O. Buell owned. This was sold years ago, this house and barn is gone & the new owners has built a new house by the pond.

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