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  • The house the orginal barn and the spruce tree are all gone now. A new house and garage sit there.
  • Was at 32 and little Chicago, all gone now. CVS there now
  • Was at 32 and little Chicago, all gone now.
  • Gardner place on little Eagle Creek Avenue at Shelburne Road buildings gone and newer houses set there now
  • Shell station, now McMillian's Towing. Conner st/6th st, Noblesville. The larger building is gone and is now a parking lot for the Courthouse across the street. 2020
  • Frank Phaff home Farm have baled hay there. On Towne rd. Gone
  • Fern (nee Rinker) Johnson Farm 246th and Florida Road, Hamilton County, IN. House and most old buildings all gone.
  • John Davis place at 156th and Towne, new house now. Big barn is gone.
  • Collett's place at 193rd and cenntineal, mostly gone.
  • This was the Markland on both sides of Road this is on the North it is 166th Street West of Eagle Creek Avenue buildings are all gone
  • Corner of 32 and Carey Road gone now A bank there in front of Kroger's

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