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  • These barns and house were part of the famous Two Gaits farm owned by the McNamara family. My father Ralph Wilfong bought this and developed
  • it into Village Farms. At least 3 of these barns still exist (now the NW corner and SW corner of Greyhound Pass and Oak Ridge Road)... the small farm house was torn down around 2014 or 2015 and a new residence built
  • Ivan/the farm were honored with a Hoosier Homestead Award in the 1990’s.
  • In1965 this farm was owned by my father and mother, Ivan L. and Delores J. Sherman. My husband (Mike Renn) and I lived here from 1980 - 1985
  • . Then my sister, Nancy Sherman Ireland lived here for a few years. This farm was purchased by my father's mother's grandparents, John S. and Laura Beeler
  • Old Middleton Farm on Towne Road near 166th Street Building still there
  • I was raised from birth on this little family farm. I was born in 1947 so I was 17 when this picture was taken. My father and mother were Leland
  • and Eileen Carson. He farmed row crops, raised hogs, sheep, cattle and chickens. Proud of my heritage.
  • Pretty sure this is the Miller farm where I grew up. It is all gone now and a school is there.
  • this was part of two gaits farm. 3 barns on this section of the farm. they were used to house the stallions. the house, which has been renovated
  • and added to is still standing as are the fences and the barn at the right. Ralph Wolfing bought the farm from Leo McNamara and developed the present
  • day village farms and the newer parts of the Village of Mt. Carmel. I used to pet the horses to and from OLMC school.
  • Another picture of the William and Jessie (Lowe) Howe farm. My father, Ivan L. Sherman, farmed this at the time. He was the son of their daughter, Alice Laura Lowe Sherman. Jessie passed away the year this photo was taken.
  • Geno Snead farm north side 126th st 1/4mile east of brooks shoolrd
  • This is Cricklewood Farm in Clay Twp., Hamilton County, IN. The farm was located east of Cool Creek and south of E. Main St. in Carmel. I have re
  • -located the pin to that location. Cricklewood Farm was owned at one time by Adelaide Fairbanks, dau. of Charles Fairbanks, VP of the US under Teddy
  • Roosevelt. The Callahan family farmed this land in the mid-1900's. I have not found Lynnwood Farm 1 on this reel.
  • Wilson's Farm Market at 256th and highway 31

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